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Julie GenserHello Bright Star! My name is Julie Genser and I graduated from IIN in June ’02. I’ve been recovering from severe mercury poisoning, Crohn’s disease, mold illness, lyme disease and chemical and electrical sensitivities for the past twelve or so years, and now I help others healing from environmental illness through my website and 501(c)(3) non-profit re|shelter. I enrolled in IIN’s Health Coach Training Program back in October 2001, a month after 9/11. I was traumatized by the World Trade Center attack, and chronic health issues I had been dealing with for years returned with a vengeance. I needed help. And support. Big-time.

I had heard about the program a year earlier, when eating dinner at a local health food restaurant in the West Village, NYC. There was a stack of catalogs in the corner and I picked one up to browse as I ate. The words in the catalog resonated into the core of me. (You should check out the IIN Curriculum Guide if you haven’t seen it yet!) I brought the catalog home and looked at it from time to time, whenever I needed to feel inspired. Back then, classes were live and only offered once a year, in November. So I had time to think about it.

After 9/11, I needed something big to re-instill my faith in the world and give me hope for my future. I remembered the IIN program and decided to go to one of the intro sessions they were holding. I had to see for myself who was running the school, and if this program was for real. I had a lot of resistance about the price, and I wondered if the program was all marketing and no real substance. When I heard Joshua Rosenthal (founder/director of IIN) speak, I knew it was the real deal. I was hooked. I paid in full on the spot and have never regretted it.

The experience I had at IIN was life changing, and seventeen years (!!) later, I am still reaping the rewards of the incredible alumni community. For me, the best parts of the program were the explorations beyond the plate. While the nutrition information provided an invaluable foundation of knowledge that I continued to research throughout my own personal journey with chronic illness, it’s those lessons in community, love, joy, and connection that really help me to help others in a very profound, deeply holistic, and real way.

If the catalog speaks to you at all, I would encourage you to call the school today at (877) 730-5444 to get any remaining questions answered and enroll in a program that will rock your world for years to come. Mention my name (Julie Genser) as the Ambassador who referred you to get up to $1,000 off your tuition ($500 tuition savings + an additional $500 off if you pay your tuition in full upon registration). Be a part of IIN’s ripple effect, and help transform the lives of everyone around you. Are you IIN?

Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with IIN's program. If you'd like to speak directly with a career coach at IIN, call (877) 730-5444 to have any remaining questions you have about this life transforming program answered.

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