What is a Health Coach, exactly?
From the IIN blog: “A Health Coach is a wellness authority and supportive mentor. Health Coaches educate and support clients to define and achieve their health and wellness goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Clients learn to develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for them, and implement lasting changes that improve their energy, balance and health.” Sample a class…

How much is tuition for IIN’s Health Coach Training Distance Program?
The cost of Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Health Coach Training Program is $5,995, but the return is priceless. Please call (877) 730-5444 for tuition and flexible financing information. Mention my name (IIN Ambassador Julie Genser) to receive a significant tuition discount!

What exactly does the tuition cover?
Your Program includes:

Is this school accredited?
IIN has been licensed by the New York State Department of Education since 2009 and has received recognition by the National College Recommendation Service. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition is continuing to gain traction and recognition by the government and has developed educational partnerships with several colleges and universities, allowing graduates to earn up to 40 college credits and use their IIN certification towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Some of IIN’s partnerships include: International Health Coach University, Goddard College, Excelsior College, SUNY Purchase, and Maryland University of Integrative Health. Read more about IIN’s partnerships and affiliations here: certification.

How is the online program structured?
IIN’s online Health Coach Training Program consists of a total of 40 modules. You’ll complete one module per week, which includes lectures on an iPod, downloadable handouts, online discussions, and related assignments found on the Online Education Forum (OEF). You’ll also have an expanded dietary theory library, focus class library, and Fundamentals (Warm-Up Classes) available to you on the OEF.

What is the time requirement for the program?
This Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Training Program takes one year to complete. Students may complete lessons sooner, however, early graduation is not offered. Tests and health coaching sessions are scheduled throughout the entire year and completion is necessary for health coach certification.

How many hours per week will I need to devote to the program?
You can expect to spend about 5-8 hours/week on each module, including all homework assignments.

How will I keep myself motivated and on track listening to an iPod course at home, by myself?
You’ll be given a detailed course schedule to help keep you on track. Each week, the weekly assignments will be emailed to you along with any accompanying materials. Then every 10 weeks you’ll be given a test on the last 10 modules, which will help motivate you to stay prepared. There are a total of 4 tests.

Are there specific start and end dates for the course, or can I begin the program at any time?
You may enroll in the Health Coach Training Program at any time. As soon as you enroll, you’ll be sent a Welcome Package, with your iPod, books, and other course materials. You can get started right away on your class through the OEF, and listen to the Fundamental Classes on your iPod. The Core Curriculum (Modules) starts every few months so that students are on the same track as others in their class.

What sort of certification will I receive at graduation?
Upon graduation, students who meet the IIN graduation requirements will receive a Health Coach certificate. Toward the end of Integrative Nutrition’s online course, students will have the option to register with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Read more about this here: certification.

What kind of support does IIN offer to students?
IIN offers around-the-clock support to students. No matter where you live, you’ll feel connected through the Online Education Forum (OEF). As soon as you enroll, you’ll get support from IIN staff, faculty and fellow classmates. Students use the OEF to spark discussion, discuss health concerns and working with clients, and strategize business development. You’ll receive personal guidance from your own Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a successful graduate of the program. You’ll connect on scheduled phone sessions throughout the school year. Once a month, you’ll have the opportunity to attend an Open Session call, led by the Integrative Nutrition staff – where you can ask questions, discuss your course experience, hear the experiences of other students, and be inspired and motivated by an incredible community of peers.

One big plus of the previous live classes at IIN was the energy, wisdom, and support that came out of interacting with a live student community. How concerned should I be that this will be missing from my IIN online experience?
The IIN student community is as strong as ever with the online program! Online students are creating local study and potluck groups, and meeting regularly around shared interests. In addition, IIN has made significant improvements to the Online Education Forum and it is more user friendly than ever. You can look up other students in the Student Directory and connect via the online forum. IIN also provides you with detailed study group outlines, which will help you to create your own study group if you wish to connect to other students in this way. Having to create your own community locally is actually part of the growth process, and will help empower you to create community for your clients in your own coaching business after graduation. IIN also hosts live events every year so that you’ll have the opportunity to meet others students in a live setting.

Are there any graduation requirements?
Yes, in order to graduate, you must:
* Attend 5 out of 8 scheduled phone sessions with a health coach
* Pass 4 out of 4 tests (70% or above)
* Complete and submit 6 Health Histories
* Have paid off entire tuition

What if I have to miss a week or two due to schedule conflicts?
It’s okay to miss a week or two. You can work at your own pace as long as you are caught up every 10 weeks for the tests and are able to fulfill all other graduation requirements.

How much can I expect to make per hour as a Health Coach?
Your earning potential as a Health Coach can be significant. If you develop a steady practice as an effective, sought after Health Coach, you could make up to $200 per hour with each client – more if you decide to offer group programs. Your personal income will totally depend on the services you offer, your niche market and how much time you actually work with clients.

Do I have to graduate from the program before I can start working (and earning $$) as a Health Coach?
Unlike other schools where you graduate with debt, IIN provides you with the tools to earn back your tuition (and then some) by the time you complete the online course and graduate. IIN’s “Earn While You Learn” approach offers marketing and business coaching classes so that you can start seeing clients as a health coach while you are still in school. Many students charge $100 per month while they are in the health coach training program, and they increase their rates as they gain confidence and experience.

How have other IIN grads used their education?
IIN graduates are the best and most effective Health Coaches in the world. They’ve been featured all over the media, from Bravo’s Top Chef to Oprah to the New York Times and Martha Stewart’s Whole Living. IIN graduates own their own wellness centers, health coaching practices, and healthy food restaurants. They have starred in movies like Fast Food Nation and written cookbooks like Clean Food and Clean Plates NYC. They have launched nationally distributed health food products like Purely Elizabeth and Gnosis Chocolate. IIN grads are going places! They are some of the most successful people in the world, living inspired lives and helping to spread health and happiness throughout the world. You can be one of them!

Who am I and why am I promoting IIN’s Health Coach Program?
My name is Julie Genser and my life was transformed by IIN’s Health Coach Program back in 2001. Seventeen+ years later, and I am still involved in the IIN alumni community – and I never even practiced as a health coach! My path took a different turn, when I became disabled by severe environmental illness as a result of multiple toxic exposures, including a broken mercury thermometer and the toxic fumes from a fire, as well as the ongoing fires of 9/11.

The past seventeen years or so have been full of many life lessons, a ton of personal research into nutrition and all aspects of health, and into community building and cataloging of collective wisdom through my rockin’ website PlanetThrive.com where I get to support thousands of others recovering from environmental illnesses including Lyme Disease and Co-Infections, Mercury Poisoning, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Mold Illness, Chemical Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and related neurotoxic conditions. My education at IIN gave me the knowledge and tools to create my online holistic healing haven for those who seek alternatives to allopathic medicine.

One of my regular members wrote: “Julie, you are doing sacred work — holding and supporting this community with love, with information, with art, with science, with soul…I am honored to be a tiny part of this healing center.” I am honored to be able to support my community in this way, and have gotten back tenfold what I have put into my website. Planet Thrive has truly shown me that the more you give, the more you get. Blessings to all agents of change in this world, working their own bit of magic to make the world a better place.

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