Cash in on IIN’s Ambassador Savings Offer at any time!

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ask about the Ambassador Savings Offer!Want to be a part of the movement to reverse the health care crisis in America and around the world? IIN’s Health Coach Training Program will provide you with the counseling skills, nutritional knowledge, business tools, and everything else you need to become a powerful agent for change in the world. Now, anyone who mentions the “Ambassador Savings Offer*,” as well as my name (Julie Genser), when they enroll in the Health Coach Training Program at IIN will receive a substantial tuition discount.

How: To redeem this offer, email me for the details or call IIN at (877) 733-1520. Students from outside the US can reach IIN at +1 (212) 730-5433. Tell them that IIN grad Julie Genser told you about the “Ambassador Savings Offer.”

If there happens to be another savings offer happening at the same time, you will be able to choose which bonus savings or rewards you prefer.

No more waiting around wondering when the next tuition discount will be offered – act now to get this exclusive savings!

*This offer is for newly enrolling students in the Health Coach Training Program and cannot be applied retroactively. The new student must have an Ambassador as their referrer upon enrollment to receive this offer. The Ambassador Savings Offer can be replaced with another offer of equal or greater value depending on the time of enrollment and agreement with an Admissions Representative, however it cannot be combined with any other offers.

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