by Julie Genser

My Journey to IINI have had a long and interesting journey with figuring out how to get proper, accessible nutrition into my body due to a lifelong case of Crohn’s disease. I started experiencing frequent bouts of diarrhea around age twelve. I never thought anything could be seriously wrong until at age nineteen, I grabbed a bottle of Pepto Bismol and read the fine print, which said more than 3 days of diarrhea could be a sign of something more serious. I went to a medical clinic and thus began my early journey through the Western medical system. I spent years trying pharmaceuticals at my doctors’ urgings, alternating with years of trying to manage digestive disease through diet. Fast forward to New York City a month after 9/11 in 2001, and my Crohn’s became unmanageable from the trauma and increased toxins that had entered my life that fateful day. I did not want to go back on medication, and so I decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition so I could take my health into my own hands and finally become educated on nutrition, digestion, and the many forms of nourishment beyond the plate.

My journey at Integrative Nutrition
The Health Coach Training Program was perfect for my needs. We covered over 100 dietary theories, giving me a wide foundation of knowledge into which I could choose to delve more deeply in any of the areas that resonated for me personally. Although I enrolled for my own personal education, as the semester progressed and we learned coaching skills, business tools, and gained confidence in our knowledge base, the idea of becoming a heath coach appealed more and more to me. My favorite part of the program turned out to be all the topics that went beyond food based nutrition – how the director of IIN, Joshua Rosenthal, wove issues of oppression, sexism, racism, emotional eating, and more into the issue of how we nourish ourselves. And the massages, dance, “being bad”, and other alternative practices and exercises we were introduced to. It was this holistic approach to nutrition that has informed my entire career in the health arena.

My success after graduating from Integrative Nutrition
My path post-IIN was not the typical path of the health coach. I actually went on to become disabled by severe environmental illness. Because of Integrative Nutrition, I was able to figure out what was happening to me and get on the right path for recovery. I also began what is now a very successful online holistic health community helping and empowering people with environmental illnesses – like lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disease, mold related illness, fibromyalgia, chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity, food intolerances, mercury poisoning, and many more related conditions – to reclaim their health and reinvent their lives.

My Special Offer
Are you interested in learning more about Integrative Nutrition or are you ready to take the next step? As an Ambassador for the school, I can offer you substantial savings on tuition. To claim your discount, call the school to enroll at (877) 730-5444 and mention my name (Julie Genser) as the graduate who referred you, or you can enroll online. At any time, feel free to email me with any questions about the school and my experience there and I will be happy to help you. IIN is truly a magical place, like no other nutrition school out there – it is my true pleasure to assist you in connecting with this incredible education and empowering community that will give back to you for many years to come. Enroll today to become a powerful agent for change – in your own life and in all those around you. Be a part of the ripple effect – are you IIN?!